NAME: Sam McDougall


AGE: 24


CURRENT POSITION: Social Media Marketing at Ogilvy, and also Group Fitness Instructor.


WHERE IS YOUR HOME TEAM: Newcastle, Australia


WHO DO YOU PLAY FOR NOW: Sydney, Australia


WHAT’S YOUR GAME PLAN: I want to live a happy life, love and succeed in my job, travel as much as I can, meet as many people as I can, own an investment property and move overseas by the time I’m 30.



WHAT’S YOUR STRATEGY TO ACHIEVE IT: Working my butt off. Start at the bottom if you must, and work your way up. Aim high.


LIST 1 OR 2 ‘GOLD MEDAL’ MOMENTS IN YOUR LIFE: Tough one… Heading overseas to travel by myself for the first time was really liberating. I learnt a lot about myself and made some life-long friends in places all over the world. Other than that, the birth of my little sister when I was 10 years old. Her and I have a really cool relationship, she comes to me when she needs help and I love that. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.



WHO ARE YOUR CHAMPIONS: I look up to my mum and dad, cliché, I know. They came from little and made it big, and now they live the life they wanted and loving it.


IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT MAKES AN EVERYDAY CHAMPION: I really admire kind people. It costs nothing to be kind to someone, or pay them a compliment. You would be surpirsed just how much that can impact on someone.


WHAT’S YOUR MOTTO: Be the type of person you want to meet.


Images courtesy of KK Insta: Cortusz


Check out Sam's Instagram account, Sam McDougall