NAME: Ben ‘AbStacker’ Handsaker 


AGE: 28


CURRENT POSITION: I am employed full-time by, as a Recruitment Manager for APAC. I act as a trusted adviser who partners with the business and hiring managers to attract, retain and promote top talent. Outside those 50 to 60 hours a week, I am also a health and fitness personality know as the 'AbStacker', who is a brand ambassador, motivational speaker, fitness model champion, model, personal trainer and inspiring entrepreneur. 


WHERE IS YOUR HOME TEAM: Narromine, a small country town with a population of only 4,000. 


WHO DO YOU PLAY FOR NOW: Balmain, Sydney 


WHAT’S YOUR GAME PLAN: I set out with the goal in 2013 of wanting to help over 10,000 people and hopefully motivate 100,000s more with my story ‘Fat to Fitness Model’.  I worked my way up from a very average looking chubby guy. I built a 6 pack and created my physique from nothing. I overcame depression. I was helpless. I was tired of life. I was on the path to nowhere. I turned my life around and now I am living my dream to help encourage others to do the same. 



WHAT’S YOUR STRATEGY TO ACHIEVE IT: I want to help over 10,000 people change their lives by sharing my story through my e-books which I just finished writing after 18 months of hard work. The e-books will give people the tools they need to change by demonstrating how I made it through my own journey. If I can do it, so can they. I want to lead by example. 


I also want to continue to help thousands of people with through online coaching. I give advise through personal eating plans, nutritional guides, training programs and abs workouts. I have already helped many people from all over the world become the best versions of themselves, both mentally and physically. 



LIST 1 OR 2 ‘GOLD MEDAL’ MOMENTS IN YOUR LIFE: One of my proudest moments was sharing my story of ‘Fat to Fitness Model’ at the YOR Health annual event in front of over 5,000 people in Miami this year. The crowd was AWESOME!!! I have never felt so much POSITIVE ENERGY. I felt truly blessed after the event to hear how I inspired so many people’s lives. It was also a super humbling experience for me to be signing autographs before and after the event! 


Another moment was winning the APAC ANB Fitness model title, Overall Men’s Champion and Overall winner in 2013. The first time I competed in the ANB Asia Pacific Fitness Modeling event was in 2011. I was placed 4th in the Under 30's class against a tough line up of male Fitness Models from across the Asia Pacific region. After this result I was hungry for more and so through relentless drive, commitment and hard work I brought my career best in my appearance, body and stage presence to the 2013 Asia Pacific Championships, winning after 3 years of hard work towards that one goal. 



WHO ARE YOUR CHAMPIONS: Two of the people I admire and respect most in this world are my father Robert Handsaker and my mother Kim Handsaker. My parents have given me every opportunity possible to be successful in life! For that I am very blessed and grateful.


Another champion of mine is Arnold Schwarzenegger! He was an almost classic tale of rags-to-riches. He dreamed of moving to America to become a bodybuilding champion and a movie star. And years later he has become incredibly successful and was able to achieve more than he dreamed of. 


IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT MAKES AN EVERYDAY CHAMPION: An everyday champion is a person who can overcome all circumstances, no matter how small or big the challenges thrown at them. Champions keep going when they have nothing left in the tank. When they don't have anymore to give is when the true champions shine. They take full responsibility of their lives. When most people would give in and let their battleship sink, true champions keep going again and again until they succeed. They never give up. 

A champion works hard, stays humble and is the nicest possible human they can be to everyone they meet. They are the heroes of their own stories. 


WHAT’S YOUR MOTTO: I have my own signature motto that I live by:

Stay healthy and humble 
Be kinder than expected 
Deliver more than is needed 
SHATTER YOUR LIMITS and help others!

I believe if I live a life that embraces the above values the world will be a better place.


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