NAME: Virginio Damo


AGE: 24 


CURRENT POSITION: On my way to becoming a full-time model!


WHERE IS YOUR HOME TEAM: I’m Dutch, but mixed with Italian/German blood. My father is Italian and my mother is from Germany.


WHO DO YOU PLAY FOR NOW: Currently in Holland, but soon to be a citizen of the world!



WHAT’S YOUR GAME PLAN: My long term goal is to become a supermodel, which I started only about a year ago. Before that I’ve never had an ultimate goal that I’ve wanted to reach in life, but rather been ambitious and passionate about various sports like football, kickboxing and fitness. A photographer scouted me who wanted to do a shoot. I was shocked that the shoot turned out real well because at the time I really didn’t know that I had this in me! Within a year I signed a modelling contract in Miami with Front Management, and now I want to take over the world! I would love to see a lot of different places and be successful with what I am doing right now. I’m finally in a career I love to actually do which also requires me to be fit! That’s basically my life complete! In saying that, it is a harsh world out there so I’ve learnt to be strong, confident and above all, be myself and simply love life.



WHAT’S YOUR STRATEGY TO ACHIEVE IT: I would do anything it takes for me to reach my goal. I’m very disciplined. My diet is strict and I train everyday to stay in shape. The competition is really big out there, and I always have it in my head that if I’m not working hard, someone else is, and so that’s something that keeps me going. I am a pretty good at motivating myself. Many friends of mine tell me that I am very discipline. I don’t drink alcohol nor use any kind of drugs, and I only drink water and try to stay healthy. Sometimes I have my cheat days which I cherish a lot! People think I’m crazy, but that’s the way I want to live my life, and I enjoy it and don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. I do this with the hope that in the future I will sign up with many more agencies all over the world so that everyone in time will know who Virginio Damo is; a man that works real hard to get where he wants to be!



LIST 1 OR 2 ‘GOLD MEDAL’ MOMENTS IN YOUR LIFE: That I’ve signed a modelling contract in the U.S.A. With that I hope to sign with more agencies all over the world that want to work with me and are interested in me.


WHO ARE YOUR CHAMPIONS: I look up to people who have a goal or a plan in their life and fully commit to it and do whatever it takes to get where they want to be. My champions are dream chasers.


IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT MAKES AN EVERYDAY CHAMPION: An everyday champion is someone that works hard at being successful and gives everything they’ve got, so they’re not to blame for not getting where they want to be. It is someone who believes in what they want and is dedicated and gives everything they have to reach that ultimate goal! A champion is defined as someone who loves life, stays true, is dedicated and passionate in what they do, and puts their family first.



WHAT’S YOUR MOTTO: My motto is just to be a dream chaser, dedicated, healthy, disciplined, family man, sportsman, and cherish every moment.


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Images taken by Martijn Smouter