December M8 of the Month: João Pedro

Meet João Pedro, our December M8 of the Month.

Name: João Pedro Silber Popak de Oliveira

Age: 22

Current position: Personal Trainer.

Where is your home team?

I am from Brasil.

Who do you play for now?

I live in Sydney, Australia.

What’s your game plan?

I want to compete as a professional bodybuilder and also create my own brand, gym and become one of the fitness legends.

What’s your strategy to achieve it?

First of all I’m training a lot so I can get ready for the bodybuilding competition, also I’m building up group classes so I can share my knowledge with my clients.

João is wearing TEAMM8 Cobra Swim Short.

List 1 or 2 ‘gold medal’ moments in your life?

A gold moment in my life would be moving from Brasil to Australia at 18 years without knowing a single person here. It was game changing for me, gaining my independence and being able to explore this amazing country.

Who are your champions?

I really admire Arnold Schwarzenegger for showing the world that with focus, determination and faith you can get what you want. I also admire Ronaldo Fenômeno who taught me that it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, you’re able to stand up and fight for what is yours.

In your opinion, what makes an everyday champion?

Someone who wakes up feeling confident and calm, knowing that they are working towards their dreams. Also someone who has complete trust in themselves.

What’s your motto?

“Everybody pities the weak; jealousy you have to earn.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What are you doing in 2020 to keep yourself motivated?

My motivation is knowing that from the minute I wake up, that everything I do in my daily grind I am working towards getting closer to what I desire.

IMAGE 1: João is wearing TEAMM8 Cobra Swim Brief in white/black. IMAGE 2: João is wearing TEAMM8 Cobra Swim Brief in blue/black.

IMAGE 1: João is wearing TEAMM8 Cobra Swim Short. IMAGE 2: João is wearing our Cobra Tank and Axel Short.


Follow João on his Instagram account here.

Location: Sydney, Australia.



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