Exclusive SKIN Underwear Collection



TEAMM8 presents the SKIN Collection

Celebrating diversity, the SKIN Collection highlights the beauty in us all. A super luxury moisture wicking fabric that literally feels like a second skin for this mens underwear range with tone on tone waistband for the ultimate in understated classic chic.

Wear to match or wear it because you love it.

Available in 5 glorious shades - Amazing, Fabulous, Gorgeous, Marvelous, and Stunning. Because we’re ALL beautiful.





The Skin Underwear collection features new products :
Briefs - Amazing / Fabulous / Gorgeous / Marvelous / Stunning
Jockstrap -  Amazing / Fabulous / Gorgeous / Marvelous / Stunning
Thong -  Amazing / Fabulous / Gorgeous / Marvelous / Stunning

The Skin campaign features our beautiful model Joshua Payne, Mabouba Diagne, Kieran Benson, Mark Isichei and Scott Ho.

Photographs by Elvis DiFazio, videos by Vincent Rommeleare.

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