February M8 of the Month: Will Moroski

February M8 of the Month: Will Moroski

Meet Will Moroski, our M8 of the Month for February 2021.

Name: Will Moroski

Age: 35

Current position: Senior Product Line Manager for Nike Footwear

Where is your home team?

I grew up in Davis, CA, USA (Northern California).

Who do you play for now?

Portland, OR, USA.

IMAGE 1: Will is wearing the Cobra Tights. IMAGE 2: Will is wearing the Pivot Short.

What’s your game plan?

I want to continue to pursue things I’m passionate about. For me it has always been about positively impacting people’s lives in whatever way I can. I got my degrees in Biomedical Engineering because I wanted to be able to help people through the medical field. I had the opportunity to live and work in Thailand, working in a medical clinic studying how malaria affects pregnancy.

More recently I worked for a pacemaker company getting devices approved for implantation, and currently I work on sneakers and product innovation for Nike. Fitness has always been a personal passion of mine and I feel honoured to be apart of people’s fitness journey. I’ve been a group fitness instructor for 9 years.

What’s your strategy to achieve it?

Continue to surround myself with people that inspire and challenge me in every aspect of my life: professionally, personally and in my own fitness journey. Say “yes” to opportunities that present themselves even if they seam outside the box. Taking riskier opportunists for me has always lead to bigger and better things for me in my past and I’m excited about where they will lead me in the future.


IMAGE 1: Will is wearing the Cobra Tights and holding the Aero Mesh Tank.  IMAGE 2: Will is wearing the Aero Mesh Tank in gunmetal and Pivot Short.


List 1 or 2 ‘gold medal’ moments in your life?

  1. Graduating with a masters degree in Biomedical Engineering from Oxford University.
  2. During COVID I started teaching a free body weight bootcamp on Thursday nights raising money for non-profits on Instagram live. To date we have raised $30,000 (30 classes taught) and have no plans of stopping! I’m so proud of the small community we have created and the generosity of people from all around the world to give back and truly make a difference. Some of the non-profits include GLAAD, The Trevor Project, Black Lives Matter, Trans Lifeline, and Mental Health America along with many more.


Who are your champions?

I look up to both my parents. Their hard work, authenticity and love for people inspires me every day.

In your opinion, what makes an everyday champion?

Being true to yourself, following your passion, being kind to everyone, and standing up for what is right no matter the cost.


What’s your motto?

Make the most of every opportunity that comes my way, strive to do my part in making the world a better place, and invest in real, positive relationships.


Will training in our Pivot Short.

Follow Will on his Instagram account – @willmoroski

Location: Portland, Oregon.

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