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Jack Taylor |  Insta: jacktaylorr
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Let’s go outside – Staying sane and keeping fit

Keeping fit is much more than a physical state. We all know by now that the endorphins released when we exercise aid in our mental well being and make us feel good all over. More of that please!

With the challenges we’re all facing at the moment it’s important to have a game plan at maintaining that mental health. We caught up with one of our good m8’s Jack Taylor to find out just how he’s tackling it.

How important is exercise and fitness to you?

It’s everything to me. Without fitness, I would not be where I am today. Because of the rewards I get from it I can honestly say it pays off physically and mentally.

How do you find it affects your mental health?

I find the concentration within the exercises improves your mental approach with everything. When you feel the burn coming through, it’s the mindset for the individual to push through to work out a little harder. So, to me the gym is my happy place because I can remove the stress in my life and use that to get me closer to my goal.

Are you enjoying spending more time training outdoors?

I sure am, I love my new workout routine. I find I am not relying so much on the equipment and I am relying more so on my body’s full capabilities. My mobility and endurance has been more of my focus and now it means once I get back into the gym I would have improved problem areas I had before.

What’s your top tip to stay motivated?

My top tip to stay motivated would be to find out what your goal is and make it a priority. Meaning you will do everything you need to do to reach your goal. I mean if you have a glass of wine with your dinner or grab a sushi from the shop, how is this going to help you reach your goal? Also take photos of your body each week to look for improvements. This will motivate you as you are looking better, and it stops you from sacrificing it all for the wrong food choices. Also look at old photos of you in shape, then tell yourself I did it before so I can do it right now. Just make sure you do it!

What’s your fave outdoor activity/exercise routine?

My favorite outdoor exercise routine would be a full body split workout throughout the week. This would consist of working either one or two muscle groups a day and regular abs training with each workout. Mostly bodyweight exercises but also some resistance type exercises with light dumbbells and resistance bands. With Regular cardio each day which would be an hour walk once or sometimes twice a day depending how I am feeling.

How are you coping with the current COVID-19 situation and the restrictions it has imposed?

I am coping quite well. I am an introvert so being cut away from the outside world has not affected my mindset as much but more so my regular routine with work, training and catching up with family and friends. I am still training 6-7 days a week, I am still preparing my meals for the week and now training my clients outside and not inside the gym. Also changed my training resume a little bit now but I have managed to still push my body to its limits and to get results out of it.

You featured in our main TEAMM8 campaign earlier this year, how was that experience for you?

I absolutely loved it. TEAMM8 is fantastic to work with and the models and staff working there are extremely easy to get along with. So, a great experience to represent TEAMM8 and I look forward to representing them more in the future!

Thanks Jack for your insights and useful tips! And the pleasure was all ours M8. You couldn’t meet a nicer guy who deserves all the success and happiness in the world. We are definitely Team Jack!


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