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DeMarco Majors deserves our admiration and respect. Not just because he is a ground breaking former pro-basketball player who turned that into a career as an actor and talk show host. But also because he is a man who has turned adversity and circumstance on its head and has chosen to pursue a life of betterment and love. 


During the course of his remarkable athletic career, Majors played for teams in Australia, Brazil, Argentina and the American Basketball Association. During that time he came out as one of only a few publicly gay pro-basketball players in the world, earning himself a spot in Out Magazines 100 list in 2007.

He’s been an underwear model, a reality TV star, featuring in Logo’s Shirts & Skins in a show about the all-gay basketball team The Rock Dogs. As an actor he has stage credits such as James Earl Hardy’s best selling novel B-Boy Blues and TV spots on shows like Law & Order and Bluebloods, not to mention playing  the male lead in Queen B’s ‘Freakum Dress’ video!

But if you ask Majors what his greatest achievements are, it’s no secret that his greatest joy comes from the loves in his life: family and friends and his dedication to helping others. This is why we love DeMarco!

NAME: DeMarco Majors


AGE: 44


CURRENT POSITION: Strategic Life Coach


WHERE IS YOUR HOME TEAM: Evansville, Indiana 


WHO DO YOU PLAY FOR NOW: Los Angeles, California 

WHAT’S YOUR GAME PLAN: The main goal is to stay balanced and happy mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Continue to build my life and start a family. Career wise I started MajorWay Strategic life Coaching. The goal is to have a thriving boutique coaching practice which acts as the home of my talk show LYTE. I also have another show, HigherLove with co-host Ronnie Kroell.  I want to write several New York Best seller books, you gotta aim high!

Above all, most important to me is to stay focused spiritually, remain humble and continue to use my gifts and talents to help people grow, heal, forgive and thrive. 

WHAT’S YOUR STRATEGY TO ACHIEVE IT: To stay focused on the goal. The plan may fail, but you can always change the plan but NEVER the goal. Plans may not always go your way and your ability to adapt, shift and get the right people involved helps the process. You will always need the right machine behind you. Also, to stay connected to my healthy relationships: meaning all those that I love, and that love me unconditionally, supporting me in all my efforts. I focus on the goal, create a plan to the goal, and a strategy to the plan. Action items to the strategy and give myself deadlines to the action items. 

LIST 1 OR 2 ‘GOLD MEDAL’ MOMENTS IN YOUR LIFE:  I’m still a work in progress, however I have overcome some incredibly hard traumas and different forms of addiction. I have been so fortunate, thankful and grateful to have taken my journey of healing and shared that with people all over the world which has given them the strength to make their healing a priority and know that they are not alone. I was awarded OUT Magazine top 100 and had a TV show showcasing myself and some friends as one of the top Gold Medal winning basketball teams at the Gay Games. What we were able to do together was help people see themselves in us and gave hope as well as visual representation to the Black Gay Community where we had no visibility. 

WHO ARE YOUR CHAMPIONS: My Grandad, mom and my sisters, I love them so much. My nieces and nephews are my heart. I have amazing relationships with friends and the one person closest to my heart. I love Lyanla Vanzant, Les Brown and Will Smith. I’m gonna work with them all one day! 


IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT MAKES AN EVERYDAY CHAMPION: Someone who leads with love, honors boundaries, has a heart to forgive and offers compassion. Caring and giving without being a people pleaser. Someone who always prioritizes personal growth and loves with the love that comes from God. 

WHAT’S YOUR MOTTO:  To heal old wounds with new tools. 

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  • Kenny Thompson

    Hello, nice profile and all that you do for the community.

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