Special M8 of September: the TEAMM8 founder Michal Nicolas



It’s true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun and we can’t believe we’re celebrating 13 years of TEAMM8!
It’s been a ride and we’re so thankful you’re riding shotgun with us.





The TEAMM8 story began with founder and Creative Director Michal Nicolas releasing a single collection of Underwear, the Classic Brief and Trunk back in 2008. Backed by a search for the TEAMM8 Star Players which saw inspiring guys who rocked their undies winning a public vote to star in the TEAMM8 campaigns, the brand was off and running. 



To say TEAMM8 has seen some incarnations along the way is an understatement and we thought what better way to delve into it than by speaking to the man himself and the driving force behind it all. So here’s our M8 of September, Michal Nicolas talking to us about TEAMM8 on it’s 13th Birthday month! 



T8: What would you say were the biggest challenges you faced launching the brand.

MN: When I launched TEAMM8, the mens underwear market was highly competitive but wasn’t as saturated as it is today. I did have a clear vision though and against all advice I was given about trying to compete with heavy hitters like Calvin Klein and the like, I still thought I had something to offer. 

It was tough, not having a formal background in design and production, so a lot of mis-steps were made along the way. At the same time I see my naivety in thinking I could take on the multi-nationals as a blessing in disguise. I’m not at all afraid of making mistakes, as long as I can take something away from them.



T8: How different does TEAMM8 look today compared to when you launched

MN: Evolving and not staying stagnant has been the key to our success. TEAMM8 started with a single line of underwear and today we cover extensive collections of Activewear and Swimwear as well. Although our style ethos has always stayed the same, that of classic design with a sexy edge, we have definitely ebbed and flowed and thrown in some unexpected turns. Confidence in a brand is one thing, but predictability is dangerous, so we always want our guys to rely on us but also have that element of surprise and freshness. 




T8: 13 years is an incredible achievement. What do you consider to be 1 or 2 gold medal moments for TEAMM8.

MN: From humble beginnings operating TEAMM8 out of my living room, I would say one of the most significant moments was relocating to a commercial space 2 years later to accommodate the brands growth. Definitely a milestone I’ll never forget.

We’ve achieved a lot in 13 years but I believe the best is yet to come and every goal honestly feels like an achievement.

T8: What can guys expect from TEAMM8 in the years to come

MN: All of us at TEAMM8 are dedicated to our loyal base that stretches to every corner of the globe. Some have been with us from the beginning and so they have seen our growth and some are just discovering us which is so exciting for us. We are beyond thankful for both!

If there’s one thing I’m certain of is you can expect us to keep you decked out in the go-to pieces we’ve become known for and then knock you for six with the new must-haves you didn’t know you needed. We’ll keep you styled up and sexy for another 13 years if you’ll have us!

There’s no better way to see TEAMM8’s growth over the last 13 years than by a retrospective look at our campaigns over the years. 

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