Mateship is Timeless!


We’re celebrating mates this Christmas. Friends, brothers, fathers, sons, partners: great mates never go out of style.


A yarn, a laugh, even a cry. Life is meaningless without the relationships we have to share all that with. And we want to salute all kinds of friendships this Christmas. 


So, near or far, reach out to the mates that make your life so special and share the love.


Happy Holidays from all of us at TEAMM8!




Pink Flamingo! What better way to add some colour and fun to your summer styling than with our fan favourite Flamingo print. Back for another season due to ever popular demand!


Perfect for your day at the beach but even better for a pool party, BBQ and any summer get together where you’re going to be the star of the show. Believe the hype, the Flamingo collection is a best seller for a reason!


Photographs by Elvis DiFazio, featuring Ronni Krongold, Alex Howell and Will Willits. 

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