Pride - Time to celebrate

Happy Pride Month!

All over the globe, June 1st kicks off Pride month for the LGBTIQA+ community. Although this year there may not be street parades and parties that notoriously accompany the celebrations, the community is coming up with ways to make its voice heard the world over. And all of us here at TEAMM8 are diving head first into Virtual Pride 2020 all the way from Sydney Australia, disco style!

We can’t wait to see how everyone will mark this historic and important month for the LGBTIQA+ community. Although we might feel a little isolated in these current times, the technology we have at our fingertips allows us to at least get creative and stay connected.

So if you can’t shake your booty down the boulevard, how will you celebrate Pride this year? A Zoom disco in your living room? Maybe a social media live broadcast or perhaps a social distanced gathering with a few where allowed. Whichever way you celebrate, we salute you and we’ll provide the shine! 

Happy Pride Y’all! YASSS

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