To Beard Or Not To Beard

To Beard Or Not To Beard

It seems that you’re more likely to see a guy with facial hair these days than without. It’s been a trend on the rise for the last few years and it shows no signs of going away anytime soon. So what gives and why the resurgence? And what’s sexier, a man with a beard or without?

Of course beards have appeared and disappeared for thousands of years in different cultures and represented things from masculinity to civility to nationality. However the last time they were huge in Western culture was in the late 1960’s early 70’s as an act of rebellion against the clean cut norm that the previous 50 or so years stood for. Basically money, greed and conformism. Yay the hippies!

After a while though, the beards disappeared for about 40 years and then boom, as if out of nowhere they hit the main stage in 2015. Hipsters and celebrities all over the world seemed to emerge with varying lengths of growth and defiance. There are a few theories as to the resurgence, from early adopters and trend setters around 2010, to the followers catching on and basically exploding it.

As a brand dedicated to making a man look and feel his absolute best, we’re all for a guy with well cared for and foodless bristles! The question is, what do you think? To beard or not to beard?

To help you decide we asked one of our best mates and great sport Heath Keating to bravely shave off his upside down crown of glory and let you be the judge!

Heath is rocking our MicroMax Brief in tropical green and tangerine.

You can follow Heath Keating on his Instagram account here.

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