Workout in your undies!

Ken Karikas |  Insta: knkrks
Photography by Rafael Contreras  |  Insta: raf.contreras
Ken wears: Super Low Brief

Let’s Get Physical – Home Workout Top Tips

So you can’t get to a gym. That might seem trivial to some but it’s anything but to a lot of folks. COVID-19 restrictions affect us all in different ways and the inability to exercise is a biggie on the list. But this isn’t the time to get complacent, it’s time to get creative and adapt.

By now you’ve seen loads of at home workout social media posts and  livestreams with anyone from celebrities and influencers to Joe from the local gym showing us how to stay in shape while isolating.

Your workout of choice will differ, we all have different fitness goals but the most likely scenario is that most of us don’t have the ability to set up an extensive home gym. So we’re going to share with you our top tips for setting up an environment that guarantees you set yourself up for workout success, especially when space is an issue.

First of all, you need to get out of the mind set that you can’t get an intense session unless you’re at a gym. The only thing stopping that is you! In fact why not take advantage of the change in routine to your usual gym grind. We’ve always been told to achieve best results, we should be changing our workouts so our bodies don’t get too accustomed, so here’s the perfect opportunity to action it!

So whether it’s weight training, cardio or yoga, you got this baby! Your living room/balcony/courtyard or local park is all you need, together with our top tips:

  • However small your space is, make sure you set it up to accommodate whatever exercise you’re doing that day. Move any furniture out of the way so you don’t have to interrupt your workout
  • Just as you did with the gym try and set up a regular training schedule and give us much effort as you did at the gym
  • Ditch the household items (canned foods etc) and invest in a couple of key pieces. Resistance bands, dumb bells, kettle bells and toner wheels are all easy to store even in the most limited space.
  • Mix it up! Take advantage of not using the stepper at the gym and get out and about in your local neighbourhood and find challenging walks or runs to do
  • Wear the right gear to get the most of your training regime. Or take advantage of being at home and workout in your undies!

So let’s get physical and stay fit at home because you know that one day soon enough we’ll all be back to the usual grind. No excuses, you can do this! Just like our mate and personal trainer Ken Karikas has adapted to at home training with great results, you can too. And keep an eye out for our specific at home workout routines coming soon!


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