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Featuring Dan Brophy | Insta: danbrophy
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Never before has working from home been more publicized and encouraged, if not enforced! So how do we make the most of it and stay productive and motivated? We caught up with friend of TEAMM8’s, Dan Brophy, The Passion PT to get his take and tips on it.

Inspired by his passion to ignite the get up and go in people we thought he’d be great to chat to and share his perspective on thriving not just surviving the work from home scenario. Here’s what Dan has to say!

Use your commute time. Was there something you previously wish you had time for? Use the time you used to spend in transit and re-invest it into something that you’ve always wanted more time for: meditation, (home) fitness, learning Italian, journal-writing, etc.

Keep your eye on the prize. Although we love Netflix, it’s not the best lunchtime activity, as before you know it you’ve watched all 7 eps of Tiger King, when you had intended to break for 30 mins. Go for a walk instead.

Be specific with your scheduling. You usually know when it’s time to stop work, because you ‘leave the office’. You will need to be specific with your ‘start and end’ times – so that they don’t bleed into your home-time, without the barrier of place to dictate your rhythms.

Meal Prep. The fewer distractions throughout your day, the better. Making lunch can become too big an ordeal otherwise. Have your lunch prepped the night or morning before the work day starts to streamline your focus.

Mid-Day Meditation: Never before have you been more available to tapping into 15 minute meditation or taking a 20 minute nap without the boss wondering where you’ve been. Be specific with your time. Set an alarm and return to the latter half of your day zinging – without the need for that extra coffee.

Thanks Dan, we’re feeling motivated already! And we might just be as in love with the adorable pooch Marcello as Dan clearly is. Working from home with man’s best M8 to keep you entertained and loved up has to be one of the better perks!

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