Swim Briefs

The return of the budgie smuggler is upon us. Men’s swim briefs remain as contentious as their cultural debut. It all began in 1961 and debut in Bondi, to much controversy. Today, men young and old opt for a supportive pair of men’s swim briefs. No matter what you call them – swimwear briefs, banana hammocks or lollybags – everyone has an opinion on swim briefs. However, one thing is certain when it comes to men’s swim briefs, it’s made to be seen. Not only does it accentuate your body and prized possession, but briefs will also give you legs for days or show off your six-pack. Whether you’re a competitive swimmer or just love to make a statement, swim briefs are an essential addition to your swimwear line-up. At Teamm8, shop our wide range of performance swim briefs and find the style that best suits you.

Men's Designer Swim Briefs

The age-old question of briefs or shorts? This extends to men’s swimwear too. From the ‘70s and ‘80s, images of toned athletes fresh from the Olympic pool helped fuel sales of swim briefs. In recent years, we have seen a renaissance among young men (or those young at heart) who are enthusiastically wearing swimwear briefs instead of swim briefs. Swim briefs are not only supportive for performance swimmers, but they also look great too. The briefer togs are often worn by those that dare to be bold. But remember, the best thing you can wear is confidence.

From patterned pieces to classically simple designs, opt for a Teamm8 swim brief that’ll give you that form-fitting coverage. Swim briefs are designed to hug your body and help you move with speed and precision in the water. They aim to minimise friction and water retention so you can really lap it up at your local pool. Choose to wear them alone or as a supportive layer underneath boardshorts.

Teamm8’s range of swimming briefs use high-performance, chlorine-resistant fabrics that prevent snagging and use four-way stretch to add to your comfort. Our drawstrings give you a customised fit and prevent your swimmers from being pulled off by the water or a sudden wave.

Swimwear briefs add a little bit of spice to your swim wardrobe. Teamm8 has an array of colours, patterns and styles to suit any personality to elevate your poolside outfit. Their snug silhouette means they’ll always look on point – more than boardies or swimming trunks ever can. With Teamm8’s range, find out why they’re the perfect go-to for the beach and above-ground swimming pools.

There’s no better way to make a bold statement than by wearing a swim brief on a crowded brief. The person that wears briefs is confident and self-assured. They’re proud of being playful and sexy. Swimwear briefs are just a lot of fun and make you feel confident and unique. Sure, they have a reputation of being outlandish and unexpected, but they certainly do help you stand out from the crowd.

Whether you decide to go daring or choose a classic black pair, shop Teamm8’s collection of swim briefs, and find a pair that you’ll love today.

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