Are you looking for an ultimate, cheeky and sexy upgrade to your top draw? Show off (almost) everything with a men’s g-string. Men’s thong underwear takes the minimalism approach to the extreme – or flirts dangerously close to going commando. Thongs and g-strings are comfortable all day, stay in place and still give you that full frontal coverage without the bunching. While some men are fans of thongs and g-strings for a sweaty sesh, some find that it adds a bit of gravitas to your under garments. Find a style to suit your purpose. Teamm8 styles are strappy, see through, nude and a whole lot more…What are you waiting for? Explore our collection of bold, daring designs to skin coloured, barely there g-strings. Find a male thong at Teamm8 by shopping online today!

A style to suit your purpose: Things to consider when choosing your men's thongs and G-String

Find a fabric: Think about it – The fabric is in close proximity to your assets. Make sure you’ve got soft moisture wicking fabric so your boys can breathe all day.

Be daring: If you spend a long time finding the right sneakers for your workout, why stop there? The best pair of underwear for workouts is the pair you don’t even realise you’re wearing. If you’re a fan of stretch, look at our Zeus range or Spartacus Thong to unleash your inner sportsman.

Find your second skin feeling: If you’re fashion forward, explore our range of nude styles. Our collection of nude men’s underwear is available in a range of shades, so find the one that suits you. When it comes to nude for every skin tone, we know how difficult it is to find a shade that is perfect for you. Find whatever your nude is with our diverse collection. Perfect to wear underneath lighter coloured pants, make sure your outfits stay killer. For a smooth second skin finish, shop Teamm8’s nude thongs and g-strings.

Find a bold design: With a range of adventurous colours, you can let your personality shine with Teamm8’s collection of thongs.

Say see ya’ to bunching: Our thongs and g-strings are carefully crafted to complement your shape while giving you a snug fit that won’t slip and bunch.

Dare to be your best: Men's Thongs And G-String at Teamm8

To be your best every day, you need sexy undies that move as you do and are as spontaneous as you are. Teamm8’s Men’s thongs and g-string underwear will leave little to the imagination, but they’ll definitely keep things interesting. Dare to be bold, while still staying comfortable, and discover our range of thongs and g-strings. Designed with a level of sophistication to make you feel sexy and cool. For the guy who wants to wear the best and feel great, shop Teamm8 g-strings and thongs today.

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