Men's Underwear

If you’re trying to build a wardrobe, you need to start with underwear. It’s the first thing you put on at the start of the day and the last thing you take off. A good pair men’s sexy underwear has the possibility to change your day, your workout or even your evening. A good pair of underwear was even responsible for launching Mark Wahlberg’s career!

Reclaim your confidence and start with our range of men’s lingerie and underwear.

Men’s underwear at TEAMM8

TEAMM8’s range of men’s lingerie and underwear is made to give you the comfort and confidence to succeed, no matter what the challenge is. We know that life is a game, and you’re in it to win. Our range comes in vibrant colours and sporty looks, so these are tried and true pairs that you can rely on for your whole life.

Our range of men’s sexy underwear are made from quality materials so you can expect a longer, happier lifespan. Your underwear is put through the ringer every day, no matter what you do - whether you’re working long days, closing your rings, or going out. With excessive washing and heat, your waist bands loosen, and the cotton starts to wear and tear.

We know the feeling when you find a pair that just feels right, so explore our range of men’s underwear today.

Best men's underwear for you

There are multiple ways to cover your prized possessions. Often, different occasions call for different underwear for your nether regions. If you’re working out, opt for something that is sweat wicking so that you stay cool when you’re in beast mode. If you’ve got a day of client meetings, you want something that will stay comfortable all day.

A common mistake when it comes to buying underwear is getting the wrong size. If it’s too loose, it tends to bunch and be uncomfortable. If they are too tight, you can get uncomfortable chafing and the elastic on your underwear can stretch too quickly.

The range of men’s lingerie and sexy male underwear at TEAMM8 have got you covered if you’re wanting something that will keep you looking good, no matter who will see it.


What makes men's underwear sexy?

When you come down to it, when you feel good, you will look good, and we think that underwear is where it starts. Find a pair of sexy male underwear that is better suited to your body and lifestyle. Like clothes, fabric, and fit matter.

Knowing you’re wearing sexy male underwear underneath your nine-to-five clothes can do wonders for your confidence – and there’s nothing sexier than confidence.

Which type of underwear is best for males?

Our advice is to choose a pair that makes you feel most like a champion! Superheroes are known for their underwear – Batman, Superman, Captain America – to name a few. Be proud of your underwear even if you don’t wear them over your pants (no judgement though!). You want your underwear to be snug, but not too tight. Look for a supportive fit that helps you move without any restrictions.

What is the best type of underwear for men's?

Checkout our range of sexy male underwear to make you feel invincible. Look for materials that add comfort and ease of movement. Stay snug as a bug in a rug with our range of Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Jockstraps and Thongs.

Is sexy men’s underwear so different from regular underwear?

Sexy is a state of mind, so we think that sexy male underwear just fits you better than other pairs. The age-old underwear argument has always been between boxers or briefs, but TEAMM8 also offers Jockstraps and Thongs to accentuate your assets. Our elastic straps do their work to maximise your peach.

TEAMM8’s sexy style guide for male underwear:

TEAMM8’s range of sexy male underwear include men’s lingerie that you should consider to be a part of your underwear rotation.

A jockstrap or a thong is arguably more comfortable for day-long wears. Look to these styles to keep your neither region where they belong. These styles also look better under light coloured pants or shorts. These styles were popularised by cyclists looking for protection over bumpy roads because they provided an extra layer of protection. Our line of men’s lingerie will also be more breathable in the warmer months and climates.

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