From Professor to Onlyfans Content Creator: The Journey of Jameson

From Professor to Onlyfans Content Creator: The Journey of Jameson

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 8 years, you’d have an opinion (and probably a fairly strong one) about the platform monetising content creation, Onlyfans. You’ve probably also heard that some content creators are earning up to 6 figures a month, (yep, you read right) curating and personalising content for subscribers, otherwise known as fans.


So, what’s the problem? Why is there a stigma attached to folk choosing to make a living this way? Because let’s face it, they wouldn’t be able to unless there were peeps handing over their hard-earned cash and wanting to tune in. Is it the notion that the content being made is mostly XXX? Or are we just down right mad some people are making some major coin this way and in their own words, living their best lives?


We debunk the mystery of the type of people drawn to a career on the naughty platform and you might be a little surprised. Former College professor (insert gasp here) and our M8 of July, Jameson made some major changes in his life after experiencing a string of traumatic losses and felt he had no choice but to rewire his path in life. And we wanted to know how his family and friends reacted and responded to his new and arguably controversial career. He works hard for the money, but he’s the happiest he has ever been. 


Check out Jameson's Onlyfans story below!


Hi Jameson, we are happy to feature you as our M8 of July. You started your career as a content creator on Onlyfans a few months ago. What was your previous job and what motivated you to pursue content creation on this platform?

I’m a jack of all trades haha! I picked apples on an orchard as a kid, sang and played organ and piano at churches, taught singing to college ad professionals, and a massage therapist and personal trainer. My motivation to pursue content creating honestly was that I was sick of working in higher ed.

I also went through a series of profound losses- the deaths of my best friend and only cousin and a breakup that shattered me to my core. It almost felt like I had no choice but to quit my life as I knew it and start fresh. The losses finally gave me permission to confront my life and make decisions purely based on happiness, rather than necessity. I guess you could say I hit 35 and had a major mid-life crisis lol.


What challenges did you face when starting out on Onlyfans? 

As much as I love social media and content creation, I used to be resistant to it, particularly X. I try to keep healthy boundaries around my use, how often I scroll, and how many apps I have profiles on, but it’s been more challenging now that I do this type of work full time. Believe it or not, I started my X at the same time as Onlyfans – I’m just a baby ;-)



How did your friends and/or family react to your decision? 

Honestly, my family was extremely supportive. They know how much drive and motivation I have, so seeing me pivot at 35 is something they 1) knew was inevitable at some point and 2) something I thought long and hard about and made the decision solely for myself. Believe it or not, I’ve felt distance from a few long-time friends, but I guess this type of work weeds out true friends from not. 


Can you describe your typical day now compared to when you were working your traditional job? 

Haha. Well, most people don’t realize how much goes into strategizing and scheduling content! I’ve had A LOT of help, but I’m finally getting into a good groove or tiering content “appropriateness.” PG for IG, PG13 for Collective, R for X, and XXX for OF. 

I’ve always loved working out and movement, so to be able to prioritize my physical health and make money from it has honestly been a blessing. The kindness and feedback I get from my fans about my glow up since starting OF has been really inspiring. I honestly love them. So if I’m not cross fitting, lifting at the gym, doing yoga, or biking, I’m thinking about the next time I will get to.



How has your life changed since making this career shift? 

Shifting from university teaching to Onlyfans couldn’t be more different and honestly, I feel so free and invigorated now. My life feels more malleable and my level of concern over what other people think of me is truly miniscule now. I just feel like I have my life back and that I can do what I want with it now. I feel like I’m on vacation every day.


What do you like the most and the least about being a content creator? 

The most? Well, hopefully it’s obvious lol. Doing a collaboration with others and having the excitement of the camera is a game changer. I didn’t realize how much I enjoy this scenario and only wish I started it sooner (insert the naughtiest emoji here haha).

One of my passions in life is fashion and beauty, so being able to model for brands and different photographers has been such a joy. I spent so much of my former professional life creating sounds with clients and singers, but now that I’m creating VISUALLY with photographers and other collaborators has been so exciting. And, I’ve been told I have a good eye for beauty ;)

The thing I care the least about as a content creator is planning posts, editing videos, coordinating with other creators. THESE F*CKING EDITING VIDEOS AND TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO SAVE AND SHARE THEM OMG!!! PULL MY HAIR OUT PLZ.



Tell us a funny/interesting story that has happened to you during your career? 

When I first started out, I was super eager to do collabs and was feeling the thrill of a new professional. This is more so ironic than funny, but no one ever responded to my messages because I was the “new guy” with 500 Twitter subscribers. Now that I’ve had some time to establish, those same people are asking me for collabs now. It was a good reminder to be patient but also to never under-estimate the new guy. 


How do you handle any potential criticism or stigma being an Onlyfans creator? 

The more my profile grows, and my content diversifies, I notice it polarizes people. People either love me more or love me less. I get so much positive feedback from fans who absolutely LOVE my content and how I move seamlessly between sexy collabs with people, artistic/erotic solo content, high fashion and collabs with photographers, and “odes” to muscle and fitness.

But, on the flip side, as my content becomes more provocative, people often comment that what I do is ugly and that I should quit Onlyfans. I can’t please everyone and haters gon’ hate- just know that if you hate on me, it lights more of a fire under my ass to be more provocative ;-) 


What advice would you give to someone considering a similar career change? 

Listen to your heart. If I can go from having a career as a college professor to doing Onlyfans at age 35, you can, too. Be the inspiration to yourself that others see in you.

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