The Boy In Ipanema, Our Mate Of September

The Boy In Ipanema, Our Mate Of September

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At TEAMM8, there’s no one we admire more than the Everyday Champion. Someone who has the drive, determination and ambition to strive for success no matter what they’re chosen field is. That ethos is what TEAMM8 is all about and we love to celebrate those individuals that inspire.

Our M8 of September, Filipe, is precisely one of those people. With an enviable attitude and action plan, it’s crystal clear that the sky’s the limit for this young Brazilian model and personal trainer.

We’re obsessed with his practical and pragmatic ‘step by step’ foundation building strategy and his personal approach of looking inward for motivation. Afterall, what good is inspiration if we don’t have the tools and discipline in our own arsenal to set in motion. 

Thank you Filipe for reminding us to ‘Always be yourself’ and that comparing ourselves to others is far from the ideal, in fact it’s detrimental. Just like traveling to Rio from his native Minas Gerais for this TEAMM8 shoot, Filipe grabs the opportunities that life throws his way. He is playing this game of life by his own rules and we absolutely love that. And we’re going to love watching him achieve every single one of his goals.

Obrigado Filipe!

NAME: Filipe Renan Antunes Cruz

AGE: 26

OCCUPATION (WHAT YOU WORK WITH): Personal Trainer / Model

WHICH CITY AND STATE WERE YOU BORN : I was born in Itaúna, a city in the interior of Minas Gerais, a state in the southeastern region of Brazil.

WHERE DO YOU LIVE NOW ?: I still live in Itaúna

WHAT ARE YOUR LONG-TERM GOALS AND AMBITIONS IN YOUR LIFE: I have several long-term goals, but the main one is to continue my professional career as a personal trainer and open my own gym.

 WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO REACH THESE GOALS:  I always set short-term goals to achieve, until I reach the bigger goal.

TELL US 3 GREAT OR SIGNIFICANT EVENTS IN YOUR LIFE SO FAR: The first important event in my life was when I won a modeling contest in my city for two consecutive years. The second happened right after that, a modelling job in an international magazine, and the third was when I decided to open my beachwear brand.

WHAT DO YOU DO TO MAINTAIN YOUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL WELLBEING?: I train 6 times a week, do weight training and cardio, in addition to maintaining a regular diet, I think our body is our home, our business card and more importantly, I seek longevity.

WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE PHOTO SESSION IN RIO?: It was such a cool experience. I got to do a shoot on the amazing beaches of Rio for an international brand which allowed me to stay and enjoy the beauties of this wonderful city.

IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT MAKES A CHAMPION EVERY DAY: For me, being a champion means overcoming yourself every day. Being disciplined is what defines a champion because we won't always be motivated to do what has to be done. This is where the virtue of discipline comes in, looking at where you are and where you want to go and setting goals without complacency and giving your best without comparing yourself or surpassing someone. Afterall, the battle is against yourself.

WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO: My life motto is to carry with me two important values: Humility and Discipline.

Photographies by Beto Urbano. Model Filipe Renan

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