Tim Draxl, our sexy M8 of February!

Tim Draxl, our sexy M8 of February!

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  • Score a recording contract with Sony Music at 16 years of age. Check 
  • Record an album with Ol’ Blue eyes’ band at Capitol Records studio in LA. Check
  • Star in a movie opposite Judy Davis. Check
  • Sell out exhibitions of your painting works. Check
  • Oh, and be the Australian Junior Champion Skier for 2 years running. Check

We’re not even kidding! Achieving any one of these incredible milestones would be a life well lived but Tim Draxl hasn’t even scratched the surface yet. With dreams and ambitions way beyond his abundant talents in the arts and entertainment world, Mr Draxl is Australia's gift that just keeps on giving.

Tim is an artist, there’s simply no other way to put it. Whether it’s on stage, screen or canvas, it feels like he belongs exactly there, like he was born to do it all. There’s a trust and there’s no greater talent a performer can have and Tim Draxl has it in spades! 

We are long-time fans of this Aussie gem and we’ve just fallen in love with him even more! (Not just because of this steamy photo shoot exclusive for TEAMM8 ; )

Catch Tim in Jagged Little Pill, The Alanis Morissette Musical currently touring Australia and in an upcoming film opposite Liam Neeson released later this month.

NAME : Tim Draxl

AGE : 40

CURRENT POSITION : Actor/Singer/Painter

WHERE IS YOUR HOME TEAM : I was raised in Australia and Austria and went to schools in both countries. My family were in the ski industry so we followed winter back and forth. Six months here, six months there. In Australia I grew up in a country town called Jindabyne in the Australian Alps situated on Lake Jindabyne. The other half of my childhood was spent in a picturesque place called Seefeld in the Tirol region of Austria high up in the Austrian Alps not far from the city of Innsbruck. You could literally put your skis on at the front door and skate over to the ski resort. It was a pretty idyllic childhood experiencing different cultures but chasing winter back and forth meant I didn’t have my first Australian summer until I was 13 when I started boarding school in Sydney.

WHO DO YOU PLAY FOR NOW : My partner and I live in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney Australia. It’s a beautiful historic little suburb on the city edge within walking distance to some beautiful harbour-side parks, cafes and restaurants. Prior to that I lived in L.A for seven years.

WHAT’S YOUR GAME PLAN : Ultimately I’d love to continue what I’m doing. Performing on stage, working in film and television (I love being on set), and painting in my studio in my down time. One thing I definitely want to do more of is travel and experience different cultures which I’ve always had a craving for. Ive always wanted to open up a little cafe/book store/flower shop at some point and have often thought about getting back into interior design which I did for a couple of years when I lived in L.A. The other thing I’ve always wanted to do is write. I’ve dabbled in writing poetry but I’d like to write a screenplay one day.

WHAT’S YOUR STRATEGY TO ACHIEVE IT : Like I said I’m happy doing what I’m doing for now. In my industry it’s important to have other interests and sources of income as work is not always consistent especially over the last couple of years. That's how I started painting more seriously and with the encouragement from my partner finally rented a studio space. The travel will come once we’re allowed to travel more freely and safely and as soon as I finish my current contract with Jagged Little Pill, the Alanis Morissette musical. The cafe and getting back into interior design can wait until I’ve had enough of performing but I’m constantly collecting ideas and images wherever I go for the day that they eventuate.

LIST 1 OR 2 ‘GOLD MEDAL’ MOMENTS IN YOUR LIFE : One thing I always reflect on is the nine day trek I did through the Himalayas. It was something I had always wanted to do and one day I just booked it. A couple days later I was in Kathmandu. It was just me and a guide trekking through the Nar Phu Valley for nine days, hardly seeing another soul except for locals, staying at Buddhist monasteries and traditional guest houses, experiencing local customs first hand and not having anything but what I carried on my back and a different place to sleep every night. Physically challenging (I didn’t shower except for splashing freezing cold water on myself every so often) and mentally awaking. It really changed my perspective on so many things in my life. It was incredible. 

Recording my second album at the infamous Capitol Records studios in L.A with some of Frank Sinatra's touring band was also a total pinch-me moment. Also having my first two solo art exhibitions last year which both sold out.

IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT MAKES AN EVERYDAY CHAMPION : Someone who stands up for people who are being bullied, discriminated against or made to feel inferior for their differences. A person who will make space for someone else’s voice to be heard and someone who acts out of kindness and a spirit of generosity.


WHAT’S YOUR MOTTO : Don’t judge. To live without judgement I think is one of the most liberating things and something that I’m constantly working on. Even in the smallest sense. My partner and I always pull each other up on it and keep each other in check. I’m getting better at recognising my own judgements and prejudices, breaking them down and working through them but also having the courage to call them out in others when I see them. Particularly in friends which is sometimes the hardest thing to do.

WHO ARE YOUR CHAMPIONS : My mother. She is a pillar of strength who has taught me what it means to be loved and to love in return. At 80 she continues to view the world with childish enthusiasm and an interest in having new and varied experiences.

Photography by Jake O'Donnell.

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  • I just finished reading your bio and was very impressed with your accomplishments and future dreams as an artist…. I traveled for over forty years executing contract work and pursuing my dreams as a vocalist and an artist. Your philosophy on life is exceptionally orchestrated and I truly respect your views on people judging others. Thank you for being a gifted creation of God. Love the photos, they were done in great taste. My blessings.

    Roger Lloyd en

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