Lewis, country boy and M8 of November!

Lewis, country boy and M8 of November!

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Lewis Lenehan wants you all to know the real him. Today you see a young healthy career driven man with an exciting path ahead of him with the bright lights of Hollywood calling him! He has also courageously shared with us his mental health struggles which he battled with for most of his youth before overcoming them in the hope that others might be encouraged to speak up and more importantly seek help.

A country boy struggling to be seen and heard and fighting his internal demons of low self-worth and the feeling of non acceptance by his peers, Lewis identifies his struggles starting at the tender age of 8 years old. School presented a whole other level of challenges for him before he was finally diagnosed with depression and anxiety. For Lewis it was all about gaining self confidence and fitness and modeling has helped him tremendously in that self acceptance journey.



Our M8 of November has shared this story because he wants us all to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. He found the strength that he thinks lies in us all and just wants us to know that it does get better, but don’t do it alone, there is help out there! His courage and strength now sees him forging a career in modeling and acting and reaching for the stars. We’re cheering the loudest from the sidelines for you Lewis!


Name: Lewis Lenehan

Age: 20

Current position: part time Event waiter, part time online trainer

Where is your home team:  Wagga Wagga 

Who do you play for now: Sydney



What's your game plan:

Travel the world with modelling, live in LA next year and pursue my modelling goals. Become an actor and inspire a change by creating healthier people through fitness. 

What’s your strategy to achieve it:  

Stay patient, listen to the people who know about the  industry, learn as much as possible and execute with no fear. Specifically, I wish to model in America and globally, using this as a vehicle into acting and more exposure for my fitness Training services.



List 1 or 2 Gold medal moments: 

Overcoming the worst of my mental health. From years of battling with depression and anxiety and hating on myself to learning to love myself and accept myself for my differences. 

Achieving self acceptance and confidence. This occurred through years of character building and consistent efforts in trying to make a change.


Who are your champions: 

Allen Iverson is one of my biggest heroes as he was relentless, fearless and masterful at the game of basketball and most of all had the courage to be different, which has inspired me to do the same. 

J Cole. Not much needs to be said about J. Cole for those who know him. He is a cultural icon, a rap sensation and the most humble and honest guy the rap game has ever seen in my opinion. This mindset is a value I regard highly as without honesty or trust in life, relationships often are unable to prosper. 


In your opinion what makes an everyday champion:

Being true to yourself and all others and being kind, accepting and genuine. For me, an everyday champion is also someone who aspires to get more from their life doing the things they love despite fear of failure.

What's your motto: 

When you have true belief and willingness nothing in life is unattainable.


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  • wow look at you now Lewis amazing what one can achive /im from melbourne but used to live in wagga from 1986 to 1989 before moving to albury/wodonga then back to melbourne .now loving being the fit man iv become by joing a gym with great pt trainers.

    kevin on
  • I love it!

    Juan on

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