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Grid Swim Short - Bondi Stripes
Grid Swim Short - Bondi Blue
Grid Swim Short - Bondi Yellow
Grid Swim Short - Bondi Pink
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Grid Swim Short - Midnight Stripe
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Grid Swim Short - Midnight Navy
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Grid Swim Short - Cordovan
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Grid Swim Short - Arabesque
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Grid Swim Short - Sandstorm
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Mens Swimwear – The Highest Quality Products At Your Service

Don’t you just love summer? Whether you’re jumping into the ocean or taking a dip in a swimming pool, either way, you’ve got to have the right swimwear to make sure you’re making the most of it. Don’t get bogged down with swim shorts that have too much fabric, you need the best mens swimwear and that’s where TEAMM8 comes into action.

We’ve been in the swimwear for men game for a long time now, and our quality styles will have you covered . We’ve curated the best selection of swim shorts for you and you’re bound to find the right style for you.

So check out our mens swim shorts and let us style up your summer!

How to choose:

Sometimes buying mens swim trunks can be daunting, but we’ve made it as easy as possible for you.

  • Focus on the size:

    When it comes to mens swimwear you want the garment to fit you just right. So, focusing on the right size before making a purchase is a good call. We have the size chart available online, so check those measurements out to help with your sizing.
  • Colour your life:

    We’ll bring you mens swim shorts in the season's hottest colours, all you have to do is decide whether you’re going bright or more neutral! The choice is yours.
  • Comfort first:

    Whichever type of swimwear you choose, just make sure you’re comfortable wearing it, that’s the number one rule. So when shopping for mens swim trunks, take into consideration what kind of fit suits you best personally.

The final steps:

These simple tips and tricks will help you choose the best swim trunks for you. So check out our range and get suited up!