Do you recognize our M8 of December?!

Do you recognize our M8 of December?!

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Our M8 of December is a man of mystery. Not because he has anything to hide, but because you’ll probably recognize his body but might have no idea what his face looks like. Sounds like chatting on an app! But no, Renato Lages De Jesus is one of our regular models we use to showcase our wares on our website. And boy does he do it well!


We absolutely love working with Renato, the beautiful energy and attitude he brings to each shoot is a delight to be around.  And we thought you’d like to meet the man behind the body. Thoughtful, motivated, ambitious, and considered. What’s not to love about this native Brasilero who now calls Oz home.


Renato, expose yourself!



  1. Finally, we get to see who is behind the TEAMM8 product images. How long have you been modelling for us now? 

I’ve been doing e-commerce shoots for a while now. Seems like the product fits like a glove on this mannequin haha. Jokes aside, it's a great feeling because the feedback has been great so far.

  1. Tell us about you! We know that you are from Brazil but when did you call Australia home?

Brazilian forever by nature but Australian in my heart. I first came to Australia in 2013 to visit my brothers that lived here and fell in love with the country. 

Decided to come back a few months later to study and fell in love and the rest is history. A story worthy of a telenovela hahaha let me tell you that!!!

  1. Modelling is a side hustle but what is your main gig?

I always liked to take pictures for fun. Well, taking photos of myself haha. Never thought I was model material until I was approached by TEAMM8. That’s when I started ‘modelling’ as a side hustle. 

In fact, I grew up watching a lot of MTV back in Brazil and dreamed about being a VJ, thinking I’d be ‘cool enough’ to host my own show or a top 10 and because of that I decided to get a degree in Media and TV.

Despite my background, I never worked in TV in my life back home and when I finally moved to Sydney one of my best friend’s got me my first job in the field … 10 years after graduating.

My main job is working in breakfast TV here in Australia and despite the not-so-glorious 3.30am starts, I love what I do. 

  1. Do you remember your very first shoot with TEAMM8?

Yeah, I remember thinking it was a prank in all honesty when I was asked to do it.

I’m someone that never takes any opportunity for granted and I love wearing almost nothing so for some reason it felt so right. I’m very outgoing so I tried to have fun from the first opportunity.


  1. We always need our models to feel confident shooting half naked, sometimes in a very sexy way. What is your relationship with your body image? What is your favourite part?

I like to think I have a healthy relationship with my body image. In my mind, the insecurities I had over the last 10 years just served as fuel to push me to be a better version of myself. I’m comfortable in my own skin and I’m confident in my attributes. And confidence is one of the many things that makes someone sexy.

 My favourite part is probably the one you guys shoot the most, my legs. There’s some hard training involved but genetics didn’t disappoint me with this one.

  1. Do you feel more comfortable shooting without revealing your face?

Despite thinking there’s some sense of security in not revealing a full face because I’m not used to posing with a full body, I think the whole experience is always more comfortable depending on the crew with you. I’ve been lucky enough to always feel comfortable and welcomed no matter how revealing the shoot was haha


  1. Have you ever had some people recognise you from our website? What do they say?

 Sounds funny, but every time the new material is launched on the website, I get people sending me snapshots of it wanting to know if it really is me.  It’s flattering, especially when I ask back “the question is… was it appealing enough to make you buy?” Hahaha


  1. How do you usually prepare to go on shoots with us? Give us some tips!

Hahaha tricky question. I don’t think I consider myself a model, so I always like to be in a shape that makes me happy and comfortable in my own skin.

Discipline and consistency are key for me. I work out to feel good, especially naked. I try not to compare myself to anyone else, only use them as inspiration to get in the shape that I want.


Photography by Jarrod Adams

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