TEAMM8 ONE, all for ONE


We are taking the concepts of diversity and inclusion to the next level with our first ever gender-neutral gear, TEAMM8 ONE. The new capsule leisure wear collection showcases three tones from our top-selling Skin underwear line ⎯ Amazing, Gorgeous and Stunning ⎯ redesigned as track pants, hoodies and track shorts.  All pieces in the collection can be worn by all genders, because whether one’s pronouns are They, He or She, everyone demands to feel seen, heard and respected this season. 



TEAMM8 ONE is an extension of our Skin line,” Michal Nicolas, our brand’s founding director, confirms.  “Skin reflects the beauty of all people from all races and emphasizes how differences should be embraced rather than challenged.  The same message applies in our ‘ONE’ collection but its focus is on celebrating gender.

Both collections are about finding the strength and determination to be comfortable in the skin we are in and to recognize that true community is found in coming together as one,” he continues.   “Today’s generation is shunning antiquated beliefs on identity, sexuality and gender and we’re playing this game of life by our own rules.”



The TEAMM8 ONE campaign was shot in Sydney, Australia.  TEAMM8 gathered models of different ethnicities, ages and genders and shot them in gear that matched their skin tones.  They then allowed the models to choose tones they wanted to try.  “We learned there is power in embracing skin that is different from one’s own,” Nicolas says.  “It opens minds.”  


The TEAMM8 One collection campaign features our models  TomDavidCallumNikhaleAishPauline
Photographs by Elvis DiFazio, Video by Vincent Rommelaere

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