The Staff Pick - TEAMM8 ONE


The team behind the brand loves the new TEAMM8 ONE Collection. In fact they love it so much they jumped at the opportunity to have a little fun in front of the camera and show some love and pride for both the Collection and TEAMM8. So meet Felipe, Tommy, Mark, Jason and Diana showcasing their two fave Collections, The TEAMM8 ONE and SKIN lines.

“I just love the freedom TEAMM8 ONE gives people” says the man at the helm of it all, Creative Director and owner Michal Nicolas. “It is our first gender neutral release and although designed to wear collectively, we encourage customisation to suit you. Do it your way, that’s the whole idea of TEAMM8 ONE. And I’m beyond thrilled that the team wanted to represent the brand and express just how much they love this Collection!”


“I know everyone says that they have the best team but we really are like a family here at TEAMM8. Everyone's dedication and love for the brand blows me away every day and I feel blessed to work with this incredible bunch”.



"I love that ONE collection gives me a whole range of fashionably modern, matching outfits I can rock with both my girl and guy friends. The best aspect is that they feel unbelievably comfortable but still let you show off your curves and features." Mark / Graphic Designer

"The complete colour sets are my favourite aspect of the collection, I've never seen this palette in a cohesive range like this and there's something so satisfying about that. There's something for everyone, for anyday." Jason / Social Media Coordinator


“I love this collection because it’s 100% Cotton and so comfy and easy to wear. It is so versatile that I can wear it in every season. I also LOVE the fact that I can match the tops and the bottoms for a very fashionable look.” Felipe / Operations  Manager

“I’m obsessed with matching colour sets. It makes sportswear trendy. With TEAMM8 One and the Skin, we went beyond this trend! You can literally wear the same colour on your undies, tops and bottoms.” Tommy / Marketing Manager

"It’s so cool that anyone can wear TEAMM8 One yet I still feel like it’s made for me! I love the soft fabric and I just love the way the Sweatpants and Hoodie fit me! I live in mine." Diana / Customer Service Officer


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