Bonjour Arno Diem, our M8 of January!

Bonjour Arno Diem, our M8 of January!

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Attention mesdames et messieurs, our first M8 of the month for a brand new year is a French man living abroad - Oui oui oui!


To kick off 2022, we wanted to shine the light on someone passionate, driven and a lover of life. Oh wait, did we mention talent? Because Arno Diem is talented, ridiculously so! Kicking off his career as a mere sixteen year old in the French singing contest TV Show, Star Academy, he is definitely an artist who is exploring multiple skills and simply nailing them all.


Let's make a list: singer, songwriter, actor, videographer, filmmaker, visual director, and now a DJ. Nothing can stop Arno who now calls Los Angeles home, or rather a base. Always on a flight, traveling all over the USA, he still accords the most importance to his family, living in the picturesque South of France. 


We caught up with Arno poolside on a warm LA day. He is pumping out his favorite tracks and it’s easy to see (or rather hear) why he is in such high demand! It’s not just his multiple talents that have us in awe of this superstar, but Arno’s lust for life is enviable and you can’t help but want to join him on this ride. There’s no doubt he’s got all his homeland folk shouting out COCORICO!




AGE: 33


CURRENT POSITION: Videographer and DJ




WHERE IS YOUR HOME TEAM: I grew up in Nice, France where I studied arts (piano, guitar, theatre, acting and singing). Then, I got discovered for a big reality show/ singing contest on French TV. At that time, the show was too big to handle for a 16-year-old guy. I started to travel back and forth between NYC and Paris, not only to escape but to learn more and more about my craft.

I kept working in Paris for a long time in musicals, plays, TV Shows, movies.

I finally decided to move to LA when I signed with an agent and manager there.

I directed a short film that got into festivals and received an award for best foreign short film in Los Angeles. After that, people asked me to stay and work with them on different projects as a film maker.

WHO DO YOU PLAY FOR NOW: I have now lived in Los Angeles for almost 9 years. But with my work, I am almost never in the city, traveling constantly between San Francisco, Miami, Vegas, NYC, Dallas etc…


WHATS YOUR GAME PLAN: Multiply experiences and stories. Meet all types of people and live to the fullest. One day, I would love to retire from entertainment and open a simple tapas bar near Barcelona. And that’ll make me the happiest man on earth haha.


WHATS YOUR STRATEGY TO ACHIEVE IT: Travel and always be curious, always re-invent myself, and learn about myself and others. Always learn!


LIST 1 OR 2 GOLD MEDAL MOMENTS IN YOUR LIFE: Being on French TV (that was back in 2005) and moving to the USA nine years ago.


WHO ARE YOUR CHAMPIONS: Definitely my grandparents, for their values, the couple they still are. They are the example that love doesn’t come from money or having a lot. Life is just about having enough and being able to share and create memories with your loved ones. As much as you possibly can.

IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT MAKES AN EVERYDAY CHAMPION: Empathy. Knowing and feeling for others. Understanding that everyone goes through something we might not be aware of or see. Other people’s struggles may be invisible but they exist. A champion is someone who puts himself in someone else’s show. Someone who thinks “what if that was me”. Therefore won’t judge.


WHATS YOUR MOTTO: CARPE DIEM ;))) Live every moment without thinking twice. Because you never know what a simple decision can lead to, what a simple conversation can turn into. Again, always take a risk. Always be curious… <3


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