Thriving M8 of May: Mark A. Turnipseed

Thriving M8 of May: Mark A. Turnipseed

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If there’s anything our M8 of May can tell you, it’s that living a lie can have severe consequences to your life. In his case, turning to a heroin addiction and in his own words, literally, ‘My Suicide Race’. Mark A. Turnipseed is a celebrated author, amongst a plethora of other incredible achievements, having penned several books about his journey thus far, including the #1 best selling aforementioned.


Growing up in a very strict Southern Baptist Christian family, Mark had trauma-filled teenage years when he was shipped off to reform camps as he got into trouble at school, with drugs and the law. He endured conversion therapies and shockingly, even an exorcism to reform him and his sexual feelings for other men.


A turbulent 10 years saw Mark face very dark situations that culminated in a suicide attempt, which was a turning point in his recovery and the beginning of his path to not only surviving but thriving!


Reclaiming his life, Mark came out of the closet, became an Ironman, a devoted Yogi, a model and has launched his own skincare line. A dad to two beautiful sons, Mark is living proof that the sky is really the limit when you shift your perspective on life. Motivated much? We certainly are!



NAME: Mark A. Turnipseed

AGE: 36

CURRENT POSITION: CEO Halo42 Skincare, Model, Author, Motivational Speaker




WHAT’S YOUR GAME PLAN: To be a channel of peace for others



WHAT’S YOUR STRATEGY TO ACHIEVE IT: To maintain a clean and healthy life, deeply grounded to the earth through diet, with my breath through yoga and exercise, and in my spirituality through prayer and meditation.  

LIST 1 OR 2 ‘GOLD MEDAL’ MOMENTS IN YOUR LIFE: Overcoming heroin addiction, suicide attempts and the fear of coming out (along with shedding 70 lbs) by training and competing in Ironman triathlon and then writing a #1 best selling book called “My Suicide Race” about the journey that led me to becoming a model, motivational speaker, and CEO of an international skincare line, Halo42. 

WHO ARE YOUR CHAMPIONS: Jesus, Jim Morrison, Michael Jordan, Buddha



IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT MAKES AN EVERYDAY CHAMPION: Someone who recognizes and accepts their weaknesses and limitations and works daily to prove themselves otherwise.   

WHAT’S YOUR MOTTO: My main motto is a question I ask myself. It’s the lens I like to view how I’m treating myself, others, and this earth. 

The question I always ask, thousands of times a day is simply:

Is this with integrity?


Photography by Stevan Reyes

Mark's Instagram profile here.

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