Bring back my Store!


Not only is our Sydney Flagship back, the TEAMM8 landmark in Sydney’s Surry Hills is sleeker and sexier than ever! To say we’ve had a facelift is an understatement. We’ve had a full body overhaul baby, you won’t even recognise us!


To unveil our sublime new shopping experience, we threw a sparkling shindig and invited our faves to christen this baby! The mountain of empty Champagne bottles at the end of the night served up by the stellar TEAMM8 lads was testament to a great night had by all. The ear to ear smiles give it away and the tunes by DJ Franklin Scia undoubtedly fuelled that! 


So yes, it was a party to celebrate the new look TEAMM8, which we did just for you! So if you find yourself in Surry Hills, do yourself a favour and check us out. Better still, get on your bike and make a special trip in, you won’t regret it.


 More photos of the Opening Party on TEAMM8 Facebook Page.




Photography by Skyler Hart.

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