This year the all-day party that kicks off the Mardi Gras festival was back with a bang! There was literally something for folks of all ages: a celebratory place to eat, drink, dance, laugh and mingle with the vibrant LGBTQI+ community.


TEAMM8 made its debut appearance at this year's FAIR DAY with an inclusive ‘It’s YOUR time to shine’ experience, inviting attendees to jump into the ‘locker room’ with the TEAMM8 boys for a fun snap!


The results are heartwarming, beautiful, sometimes hilarious, and yes, sometimes maybe a little risque! But hey, it’s Mardi Gras, and we loved having everyone on the TEAM!

You can find all the photos of Fair Day on our Facebook page.

HAPPY MARDI GRAS from all of us at TEAMM8!


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